mandalicious_x (llnawtyll) wrote,

...and eventually you'll finally get it right.

yesterday was my 3 year anniversaryy with christie! it was sweet. we FINALLY watched a clockwork orange. sweeeeeeet flick. im so, so glad it wasnt disapointing after we've been building it up for over a year.

today is the first day since the fourth i've been able to sleep it. going to drivers ed is a bitch, i've decided. but its nice bonding with all the people i never see.

if it doesnt rain today, im going to see lover play some baseball. hopefully there'll be a fish dance haha ? then we're going to see the fantastic 4, because SOMEONE neglected to take me to batman, cause he went with his friends. GRRRR.

i had to go to school to get a work permit this morning. i cannot wait to get paid. i know i need to save the money, but i cant help but think of a million things i want to buy! things amanda wants/needs;

1. new clothes
2. new room accessories
4. THX!
5. American Graffiti
6. LOTS OF SHOES (specificaly, MORE CONVERSE. theres this really hot blue pair i want.)

and the list goes on, and on and on and on.

oh ANNNNNNNNNNNND mom bought me and christie a konditor meister cake! ummyumms<3333
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