mandalicious_x (llnawtyll) wrote,

seeing as i have been threatened by my sisters noseyyyyyyy best friend to update my journal, i suppose i'll update.

nothing has really changed. everything is the same. people are the same. those who have always been disapointing have continued to disapoint. but the great ones have stayed great. shit with ken is amazing. i am really happy about my life right now. however, i cannot say i have the same feelings about the lives of others. if only everyone was completely happy. if only.

school is approaching steady and fast. i dont know how i feel about that. the idea of junior year blows man. but oh well, life goes on. you get older, you cant help it.

today a five year old told me he wished i wasnt so old. oh and that i would lose 100 pounds. ha!

leave an amusing comment and i might just update more. (no, i wont really.)

so get dressed in your formal attire cause im picking you out of the crowd. word on the street is that positions for hire, but you wouldnt be interested any way.
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