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its about time for my almost monthly update. i've totally fallen out of livejournal, and pretty much writing altogether. it makes me reevaluate my life. do i really want to write? i'm much better at math. i just dont know if i can do it any more. i dont know if thats me any more.

so any way, i started working again. (haha, as if you knew i stopped!) yeah, i didnt work all of september. but now its back, and i guess i'll make a habbit of it. going to see sammy makes me feel like a better person.

in great news, it feels just like last fall. i love the weather, besides the fact that we just got 8 feet of rain (literally, they said it on the news! 8 fucking feet!). i love fall, its happy. i cant wait for halloween. october is by far my favorite month, besides my lovely boyfriend being gone every weekend (which is pretty lame). i went up to see him at the haunted house last night, he didnt scare me! it was cool though, cause i went with pyle. and did i mention that I LOVE MIKE PYLE!?

life feels good right now and i'm really digging that. nothings really wrong, with my life anyway. and i intend to keep it that way. i am so happy right now, its actually incredible. i dont think i've ever been so satisfied. funny, if you had said to me during freshman year that there was a better feeling than i was feeling, i wouldnt have believed you. i would have laughed at you. its amazing how niave we can be. ironicly enough, i still truly believe that i will never be happier than this. but some day, i'll look back on this and call myself niave. but that is life.

i'm just happy to feel the way i do. so happy.
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