mandalicious_x (llnawtyll) wrote,

whats this?! a happy livejournal entry!??!

shit's craaaaazzzy man.

life is very hectic. tomorrow is course selections and i have no idea what im doing with my life. the idea of senior year approaching so fast scares me really. that means college soon, which means real life soon. and lets face it, i fear new situations.

did i mention i hate march? it just drags. but this year we did have one day off, so that is a plus. also, i enjoy the many events that take place. the prom talk is getting absolutely ridiculous. thats all the girls ever talk about. hopefully we're not building it up to be greater than it will be..? what will we talk about when its over? haha.

surprisingly enough though, nothing is really bothering me lately. i have no contraversial issues to speak of. things are good. i am happy. i am doing well in school. march is almost, yet not quite, over. april is coming soon and with that ROME! i could not be more excited. me + meg = roomates YAYAYYYYYY!

spring brings joy.
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