mandalicious_x (llnawtyll) wrote,

well its been awhile. i've been doing a whole bunch of stuff, but i've had time, so i cant excuse myself. however, i've been doing a lot less writing in my real journal (i.e. absolutely none) than i have been doing in this.

summer has been really good, although sort of disapointing. i see christie practically every day, but the same cannot be said for my other best friends. i mean, i see kori generally a lot but i almost never see julie. sometimes i feel like thats her choice, and that she could make time to see me if she really chose to, but she doesnt. sometimes i wish she would. but oh well, people change. its alright if she doesnt want to spend time with me.

yesterday wee had cake at drivers ed for erin's birthday. it was good, we also took our tests. so easy, so easy. my last class is on monday for two hours. blegh, then its back to work for me.

oh and by the way! i got the new AAR cd! it is amazingly good. i love it.

however, i must cut this entry short because my mother has left me a threatening note concerning the upstairs portion of my household. goddamn i hate cleaning.

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