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my favorite holiday has come and gone. and all i have to say about that is, i want more pie.

i absolutely love long weekends, but when they end it really sucks. (today is sunday). another negative is that lauren is home for much too long, and i begin to hate her again, haha.

and besides nick breaking my car (DIE NICK DIE!), this weekend has been nothing short of interesting. very marvelous, i'd say. however, im still as confused as i've ever been. some have said things will just fall into place, but the way things are going i think i'm going to have PUT things into their rightful places. figuring out the rightful place will be the hard part though, so bear with me.

its like i'm being offered two completely different worlds. but which one do i belong in?

life is weird without a boyfriend... for me, at least. h e l p.

its like vodka and gin in the same cup.
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