mandalicious_x (llnawtyll) wrote,

i am feeling apprehensive.

it is getting to the point where i have to make a decision. but i dont want to, i dont want to times a thousand! thing are okay the way they are, i suppose. but they have to change; HELP!

i miss you. i miss you more than anything. you are the only time i have ever been completely happy.

i am happy now, but this is different.

i just need someone to talk to. like a shrink. send me to a shrink, we'll have some good times together. i am crazy.

i could live in a book, you know. but really, i wish i could.


too much drugs, too much alcohol. i miss me the most. junior year is not as was expected. i wish to be static, to be unchanging. i wish i had never changed. i want it back, but at the same time i want something new.

this may or may not be the most confusing thing ever.

boys make my life complicated. i should be a lesbian, if only i was attracted to women, which i am not. sigh.

life is pathetic. you spend this whole time searching for someone to be with. and yet, the whole concept of it is completely warped. there is an inevitable breakup. but no one really thinks of that. i do, and i still cant figure out if it's worth it. will it be worth it?

thats all i want to know;

will it be worth it?

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