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I LOVE NOT BEING AT SCHOOL UNTIL LIKE 1050! ( i had a c period study.)

it was amazing, this morning i went out to breakfast. pizzi was supposed to join but he's mad gay so it was just me and nick... then we hung out at my house.

around 1040 we went off to school. math was long and tedious... i was distracted. it doesnt matter how old i get, when its nice out i cant stand being in school. (and other things helped distract me...).

after math was lunch and that was surprisingly good. we all talked to assley on the telephone. she is lovely and i miss her. then english and facing history wizzed by.

all in all, good day.

and... best part is, tomorrow will be even better. i get to go in late AND leave early. tis good, tis good. however, i am not looking forward to this weekend for the most part; FUCK THE SAT!
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